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Remarkable Kids

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Remarkable Kids

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Remarkable Kids 幼儿园坚信,早年对于成长和学习最重要。

我们的老师致力于与我们的孩子建立养育关系,同时在公开交流和信任的基础上与家人/瓦努阿建立尊重的关系。每一个孩子和鲸鱼成员都受到欢迎,受到尊重,给予他们平等的学习机会,其文化,身份和语言得到认可和重视。我们坚信我们正在一起的共同旅程中,与您的父母和wahnau合作,以照料和教育您的孩子。我们实行开放政策,所有家庭都可以随时受到欢迎,并可以与我们的老师进行交流,以确保孩子们表现出自己的才能并发挥最大的潜能。我们致力于新西兰奥特罗阿(Aotearoa)独特的双文化遗产,以及我们的创始文件《蒂蒂里蒂·怀唐伊条约》(Te Tiriti o Waitangi)和《怀唐伊条约》,并以此为指导开展双文化实践。在我们的日常仪式和学习经历中,Te Reo和TikangaMāori受到尊重和融合。我们欣赏,珍惜和庆祝我们多元化社区中的不同价值观和传统。

Remarkable Kids 还努力激发孩子们成为终身学习者,他们将为全球社会和更广泛的社会做出积极而积极的贡献。所有这些都为下一代杰出公民奠定了基础。








Remarkable Kids 最奇妙的事情之一是,孩子们与来自许多不同文化和国籍的其他孩子玩耍并互动。在这里,您会发现新西兰欧洲人,毛利人,亚洲人,印度人和其他人的混合体。通过这种方式,孩子们了解到多元文化是他们社区的常态。杰出的孩子在成长初期就被各行各业的其他人所习惯,这使他们成为了宽容,善解人意,美丽的人。

Remarkable Kids strongly believe that the early years are the most important for growing and learning.

Our teachers are dedicated to forming nurturing relationships with our children, while building respectful relationships with family/whānau that are based on open communication and trust. Every child and member of their whānau are welcomed, treated with respect, given equitable access to learning opportunities and have their culture, identity and language recognised and valued. We work in close partnership with parents and whānau as we strongly believe we are on a collaborative journey together to care for, and educate your child(ren). We have an open door policy so that all families feel welcomed at any time, and can communicate with our teachers to ensure children excel and develop to their fullest potential.  We are committed to the unique bicultural heritage of Aotearoa, New Zealand and our founding document, Te Tiriti o Waitangi, the Treaty of Waitangi and we use this to guide our bicultural practice. Te Reo and Tikanga Māori is respected and woven throughout our daily rituals and learning experiences. We appreciate, treasure and celebrate different values and traditions within our diverse community. 

Remarkable Kids also strives to inspire children to become life-long learners who will contribute actively and positively to the global community and wider society. All of this helps build the foundations for outstanding citizens of the next generation.

A healthy balance of play and academic learning

Many childhood care centres focus mostly on learning through play. While this is an important part of the programme (freeplay) at Remarkable Kids, academic learning is also emphasised.

Teaching is structured and focuses on ensuring children get key practical skills right, early-learning reading, writing and numeracy.

Children are encouraged to work independently, and toys and teaching aids allow for self-discovery. Importantly, children are taught to complete a task before moving on to something new. It’s this balance of play and academic learning that sets children up for successful future learning.

The value of being multicultural

Research suggests that young children don’t judge an individual’s personality and abilities based on their race or culture. In order to foster tolerance in a multicultural society, children need to develop multicultural competence.

Multicultural competence is the ability to understand, effectively interact, and communicate with people from diverse cultures. One of the best ways for children to learn multicultural competence is amongst other children at a childcare centre.

One of the most wonderful things about the Remarkable Kids is that children play and interact with other children from many different cultures and nationalities. Here, you’ll find a mix of NZ European, Maori, Asian, Indian and others. Through this, children learn that multiculturalism is the norm within their community. Remarkable Kids grow up during their early years being used to others from all walks of life, and this sets them up to be tolerant, understanding, beautiful human beings.